求英语作文 difficulties in life


求英语作文 difficulties in life
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We encounter all sorts of difficulties in life.Some are simple ones which we have to solve everyday,but some may have so big an influence to our life which we may feel that our whole life will be affected by this difficulty.It is very normal and usual that we feel frustrated when we encounter difficulties,even if the difficulty is as simple as not being able to solve a math problem,for example,or complicated as family problems,financial crisis or being unemployed for example.These difficulties are usually happened because of the appearance of changes.And these difficulties in life will also have adverse effects on our health,for example not being able to sleep,or may even lead to mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.
Although difficulties in our life will make our lives less enjoyable it is not the end of the world when we have difficulties.There is always at least a way out.Therefore the last thing that people encountering difficulties should do is to give up,especially theie lives and committing suicide is not the only way out of troubles in life.It is very important to be brave and to have the courage to solve these problems,and when the problem is solved you will find that the difficulty is not after all very serious and you will find it very regrettable if you've gave up your life because of that.Also it is also a good idea to know that you are not alone and you can seek help from many sources,such as families,friends,people that you trust and various organisation set up to help people in need.When you think of people who love you and care about you you will have more courage,energy and motivation not to give up and persist until you've encounter the problem that you've encountered.
Difficulties in life will make you stronger and be more grown up psychologically so solving difficulties in life will be very satisfying,just like what you feel when you succeed in solving a hard math problem!